Sunday, May 29, 2011

@morganspurlock POM Wonderful sent over 100 bottles to the Port Townsend Film Festival special screening today of #greatestmovieeversold

Video Interviews
Audience members exit Questions for the Port Townsend Film Festivalspecial screening today of Morgan Spurlock's product-placement film about product-placement, "POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold"

Name (spell it out)
How long have you lived in Port Townsend?
Why do you live in PT?
How many years have you been going to the PTFF?
Do you volunteer?
Favorite movie? Actor/Actress

Scale 1-10. Rate GMES. Recommend it to friend? Value?
What is it about?
Did you enjoy it? Laugh out loud? Learn anything?
Film highlights
Name GMES sponsors
Have you used any of the sponsors products?
First time drinking POM Wonderful? Rate.

Monica Mick'Hager, Port Townsend Film Festival Operations Director and Sponsorships, holds a case of POM Wonderful in front of the Rose Theater. All the audience members will be given a bottle of POM Wonderful today at a special screening at noon.

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