Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Capture Powerful Insights from Retail #QR Code Campaigns [Case Study]

How to Gather Powerful Insights for Your QR Code Campaign

1. Define Your Business Objective & Success Metrics

A campaign should always begin with a business objective that adds value for the user. (See my QR Code Best Practices & Campaign Worksheet.) Common objectives include improving conversion, generating leads, driving web traffic, and building loyalty.
Defining your objective also includes selecting metrics to measure success. Brand awareness is a common objective that few companies fail to actually measure. Since you'd need an unbiased response, consider something like an in-store survey asking shoppers to rate their awareness of brands on a list. Once you have the metric, even if it's your first campaign, set a target goal for success.

2. Select a QR Code Management Platform
Select a QR code generator that includes a platform for tracking and managing scan analytics. (QR code generators and management platforms are dependent. You can't generate a code with one tool and track it with another.)

QR Code Management Platforms:

i-nigma 3GVision
QReate and Track

How To Capture Powerful Insights from Retail QR Code Campaigns [Case Study] - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

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