Saturday, May 21, 2011

Filmmaker @MorganSpurlock gives lawyers love

He (Morgan Spurlock) also took time to present sequences from The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. According to Spurlock, using product placement to finance a film about product placement was possibly the best way to examine how advertising works. “What we wanted to do was take our sponsors’ money and take a look at advertising and still be able to pull the curtain back and be kind of enlightening, to use the spin in a way that makes the movie more engaging and interesting,” he said.

The title of the Symposium was “The Ever-Shrinking First Amendment: Is free speech being held hostage?” According to Spurlock, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned.

“News is becoming less and less about news and more and more about opinion. What drives the news, what’s driving ratings now, are opinion-based news reports, much more than real, factual reporting. Long form investigative journalism is almost gone. Only a couple of places will still do that. One is Frontline and a couple of shows on the BBC. The idea of real investigations is disappearing. Read More

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