Friday, May 06, 2011

Capilano Mall Uses #QR Codes as New Marketing Tool #qrcode #greenfest #qrchat

Capilano Mall is using QR Codes as an option for customers to participate in the mall's "Be Our Energy Star" contest. Entrants are being asked to write down, in 100 words or less, what they are doing to be more environmentally or socially conscious for a chance to WIN an Energy Star Certified LCD TV and Laptop valued at over $3500.

The purpose of the contest is to drive traffic to Capilano Mall's new micro-site; Capilano Mall's new program focuses on communicating the mall's ongoing efforts over the past few years; working towards making improvements in the areas of global and social responsibility.

One specific initiative Capilano Mall has embarked on is to reduce the amount of waste the mall generates. Traditionally, when customers enter a contest held in the mall, they submit their entry on a paper ballot. In addition to paper ballots, Capilano Mall has now introduced a new way for customers to enter contests in-mall through the use of QR Codes (or quick response codes).

The QR Code is printed directly onto the mall signage. Customers can scan the code with their mobile device and they will be linked directly to the contest entry form. Read More

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