Wednesday, February 02, 2011

#QR Codes what? The use of ‘quick-response codes’ is beginning to boom in Boise

“My head started spinning when I thought of all the cool ways I could use it,” Parsons said.

Both women said they plan to place QR codes on fliers and signs at properties for sale so potential buyers can scan them and take a virtual tour while they’re standing in front of a home.

“This is fast. This is easy. This is hip,” Parsons said. “It’s leading edge.”

Templeton wants to put QR codes on a magazine she publishes and have one link to an informational video featuring herself.

“We’re going to put it on everything,” she said.

Businesses often begin using QR codes by putting them on business cards. The codes connect to contact information or a company website, said Cahill Jones, president of BizPrint, a printing/marketing company in Boise that designs and manages QR codes for clients.

The next step typically is to get more specific with a QR that goes to a survey, a coupon or a page where customers can order items, he said.

“You’re catching consumers at the exact moment when they are interested in the product,” Jones said. “The uses are just unlimited.”

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