Tuesday, February 01, 2011

#QR Codes : Top Ten Video Commerce Predictions for 2011

1. 2011 is the year of mobile video commerce. In 2009, mobile video didn’t even make it onto the top 10 list. In 2011, it’s the number one trend to stay on top of. Already, retailers from Kiddicare, to Shoes.com and Vitamin Shoppe are implementing mobile QR codes tied to product videos as a way to bring products on printed pages or atop store shelves to life.

QR codes (and variants, such as Microsoft Tag) will become increasingly important to the industry. Why? Because only 6% – 7% of all retail sales in the USA are transacted online. Mobile is the bridge between online and the real world, and video allows brands & retailers to deliver a personal experience to shoppers in a way that can be tied to reduced staff costs and greater loyalty.

Yet mobile video won’t stop with QR codes – far from it.

As the growth of tablet computing accelerates and more shoppers use smartphones with 3.5″ or larger screens, e-commerce and mobile commerce will begin to blur, with the mobile audience growing in proportion to the online audience. Brands will need to serve video to these audiences regardless of the underlying platform used.

And last, mobile video enables simpler sharing of user generated content. Today’s smartphones enable video uploads to Facebook with a simple finger tap. The “everyone’s a producer” paradigm I outlined in January of 2009 will finally begin to take hold in 2011.

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