Monday, January 10, 2011

One Company Sees Quick Results from a #QR Code

Press Release:

What Point Imaging created was one of the most talked about billboard campaigns in recent history. "There is a distinct theme to Leslie's boards," says Perez. "We hit on local pop-culture that received a good amount of buzz and even controversy, but nothing like the publicity we generated by adding a massive qr code on a billboard adjacent to a parking lot near a Target store during the Holiday season." The buzz was felt almost immediately.

One hour after the qr code billboard went up, Leslie received her first call regarding the board. More importantly, it led to an appointment for a transplant consultation. By 5pm that evening, her first sale was made because of the qr code billboard. By the third week, business had already paid for her entire campaign. In fact, so much buzz had been
created by the mysterious looking square that the local newspaper ran a story about the billboard and how qr code technology was impacting printed media. "We found out that people were calling and writing to the newspaper asking about the billboard and what the design meant," Perez explains. "Frankly, I wasn't concerned with people using their smartphones to scan the code as much as I was about just generating the
buzz. I feel that eventually, qr codes will be part of our daily lives when it comes to advertising. Being the first in this area to take the leap with interactive print was what created the buzz."

One Company Sees Quick Results from a QR Code

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