Friday, January 21, 2011

@iJustine Lands Gig with GameTrailers at Spike TV

Tubefilter: How’d Spike TV find you?
iJustine: The producer of GTTV with Geoff Keighley was looking for a host. It was the day before they really needed to find someone and they happened upon my YouTube videos. I came in for an audition and a few days later I was at CES shooting a several segments for them.

Tubefilter: What will you be covering on GTTV?
iJustine: I’m doing more tech coverage. I’ll be trying a lot of products out. Not just telling you what they are, but actually testing them out in the field.

Tubefilter: So like CNET but cooler?
iJustine:Ha! I guess you could say that.

Tubefilter: Did you see anything at CES you were super excited about?
iJustine: This year felt like it had a lot of the same things as last year, just a little bit better. There wasn’t that one, must-see product everyone was raving about. But I did like seeing all the cool cameras, TVs, gadgets and meeting really great people. Oh, and the LG 3D Cineman Display TV’s looked good. I have a Samsung 3D TV at home, but I don’t really watch the 3D that much. It kinda gives me a headache.

Tubefilter: Does it actually give you a headache or do you just not feel comfortable with how you look wearing 3D glasses?
iJustine: No, I’m cool rocking the glasses. They did have some fashion and prescription 3D glasses at CES. I may get one of the prescription pairs because I do feel kinda stupid when I have to wear my regular glasses and 3D glasses at the same time. Read More

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