Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dave's Killer Bread @killerbreadman Sin Dawg First Bread Package In US To Have Changeable #QR Code

Why is DKB adding a QR Code to the SD Bag now?

Dave Dahl, Vice-President Dave's Killer Bread and Naturebake : We have added a QR Code to the Sin Dawg bag, and on our next order, The Good Seed Spelt Bread bag, with the hope that people will begin to embrace the technology and use the QR Codes to get valuable consumer information from us on their smart phones.

How will QR Codes help sell DKB products?

We hope to educate and inform people about our products' features and benefits, as well as tell the company's story with videos and web pages.

Looking into your crystal ball, where will QR Codes be in food stores five years from now?

I think they will be on most products' packaging and "shelf talkers", next to pricing, giving consumers up-to-date information--on the web--about the product and/or company that produces it. Companies can constantly change the info that the QR Code scans to, to keep it fresh and relevant.

How important is it that QR Code links or pages can be changed?

That is what makes them exciting. Packaging takes a lot of lead time to update, and has space limitations. And changing what the code links to is easy.

What do you think of "QR Code-palooza" at Best Buy?

It is great to see such a major player using them. Hopefully, it is successful enough to give the movement a kick in the ass. Read More

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