Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bar Code Billboard No Mystery, Just Marketing | Eastern Iowa Business

CEDAR RAPIDS- Many people driving by a billboard on First Avenue near Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids may wonder what’s up with the strange geometric design.

The answer is no mystery—instead it’s a bit of high tech marketing for phones.

Cedar Rapids realtor Debra Callahan put up the bar code-type pattern on the billboard that advertises her services. It may not mean much to many. But aim a smart phone equipped with the right software or “app”—and you can instantly download information about her to your phone.

In fact, the billboard company, at first, questioned her artistic design because they thought it was too big for the billboard.

“They did not even know what it was,” Callahan said. “I had to explain what purpose it was serving.”

As an “early adopter” of this particular technology, Callahan isn’t sure how much new business she’s getting from her billboard bar code. But as more people find new uses for smart phones, she wants to be riding that technology wave ahead of the crowd. Read More

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