Monday, December 24, 2007

Smart Cycle Holiday Pricing - $250 (

If inflated pricing is an indicator of a holiday hit, then the $89 Fisher-Price Smart Cycle has got to top the list. An e-Bay seller at Shaw AFB, SC has priced the tot toy with four games at $300! (Click above photo for full size)

Toddler Catherine riding her Smart Cycle for the first time.

Amazon Consumer Feedback

I gave everything a 5 just that I could post. I haven't used the toy yet.

I just bought this toy this morning at Target for 89.99. I came on this website to make sure I got a better deal. Looks like I did and since most people come to this site hoping to catch a bargain I thought I would save some people the money. Sorry to those of you that are trying to sell it but $200 is double what the stores are charging. The cartridges were only $20. - Denika Rucker

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