Thursday, September 13, 2007

Study shows video playing big role for newspaper sites

Study shows video playing big role for newspaper sites: "Newspapers are increasingly mining video and multimedia to boost their online traffic, according to a recent study from The Bivings Group. The study said 92 percent of the largest 100 U.S. newspaper sites are offering video, a 31 percent jump from last year. Thirty-nine papers offer original video content, 26 use video streams from the Associated Press, 13 offer video content from local news outlets, four use all three technologies and 10 papers use a mixture of two different types of video, the study said. “While many industry experts fear that the Internet will spell the end of newspapers as we know them, [we feel] that the Internet presents newspapers with a unique opportunity to make up for lost circulation and readership,” said Erin Teeling, new media associate for the Washington, D.C.-based consultant."

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