Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Michael Kofman: Blogger At Virgin Mega Store, San Francisco

Michael Kofman at the San Francisco Virgin Mega Store Cafe

When Nikki Inderlied and I met for the first time in San Francisco to discuss the upcoming Game Developers Conference, blogger Michael Kofman sat next to us on the third floor of Virgin Mega Store Cafe.

This is what Michael wrote in his blog while we were there:

Later at Virgin Records cafe, I met up with Nikki Inderlied and Jack Olmsted from I4U News. I think Jack was helping Nikki, who was also here at GDC for the very first time. Anyways, after wraping up with some more Calculus, I'll head back out into the city and see what else I can fine.

Michael's blog post popped up on a google blogsearch. I think it is kind of cool that our ramdom meeting was documented by him (text) and by us (photo).

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