Tuesday, February 13, 2007

IGN: Phil Harrison: The Future is Now

At DICE, Phil Harrison demoed SingStar on PS3. The slick interface and promise of expanded community tools raised potential for the PS3 as a whole. With SingStar, gamers can upload videos for other users to view and rate. Other YouTube- and MySpace-inspired applications are also expected.

"The reason I showed SingStar was because it illustrated a lot of the trends that I imagine are going to be important to the industry going forward," Harrison told IGN. "You know, integrating community, integrating user-created content and integrating gameplay all into one product."

Sony's plan is to build these tools into a game and then expand them to become part of PS3's broader offering. If successful, it would give Sony one thing Microsoft has been sluggish to adopt: User-generated content. "Our challenge is to integrate that into across the entire system, across the entire platform," Harrison said. "We've got some initiatives underway that will accelerate that process."

IGN: Phil Harrison: The Future is Now

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