Friday, February 02, 2007

Ice Storm Fighters - Quad Core Demo Game

Ice Storm Fighters is based on a multi-threaded game engine developed by Futuremark*, makers of the 3DMark* and PCMark* series of benchmarks. The Ice Storm Fighters game engine technology demo features

* Artificial Intelligence (AI) : Uses the Co-operative Optimizing Planner (COP) algorithms to determine movement paths for the game units. Each unit takes into account the objective, the location, positions of other units, physical obstacles etc. before determining the path.
* Physics using PhysX* API physics engine and custom physics code, which enables
* Characters with individually modeled body parts for more life-like features
* Advanced physics modeling of missile contrails, smoke and other particle effects
* Calculates thrust, gravity, acceleration of the hovercraft
* Improved decal modeling of explosions and footprints in the snow

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