Monday, January 29, 2007

Nikki Inderlied: CES 2007 The HeadPlay Demo

Nikki Inderlied, i4U News Entertainment Journalist, gets a demo of HEADPLAY, a Personal Cinema System (MSRP: $499) available in April.

The Personal Cinema System is comprised of three major components: the Viewer, the Liberator and the Navigator.

The Viewer, or headset, is worn by the user and displays a virtual 52” screen, providing an immersive, movie theatre-like experience. The Viewer has been designed by industrial design firm, IDEO, to provide the ultimate in style and comfort for extended wear and viewing. It allows for the simultaneous use of a game controller or keyboard. The Viewer incorporates truly amazing optical technologies and will support various resolution levels up to 1024 X 768. HEADPLAY’s patented technology delivers separate but identical images to each eye via a single LCoS micro display, thereby helping to eliminate eyestrain. More Information:

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