Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Wacko Attacko, Response #1

Michael Moore.com
While my new film Fahrenheit 9/11 has not been seen yet, it seems to have already generated a wee bit of interest.
Here?s the latest. This morning, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal ? who has not seen the film ? has decided, instead, to review a ?synopsis? of the film. That?s right, a ?synopsis? from a fax of an early version of a press release someone gave him from the studio. Based on this, he accuses the film of being inaccurate. But guess what? Everything he says about the film in his column is completely false. I mean, seriously, NOTHING of what he describes is in the film!
Most real journalists would be embarrassed to do such a thing. What?s next ? ?I can?t see the film, I can?t see the synopsis ? so I?m reviewing the poster!? I worry that Fahrenheit 9/11 is already driving otherwise sane people to lunacy. "

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