Friday, February 28, 2003

Audio Blogs: Revolutionizes the Revolution

is a web based tool that currently allows Bloggers
to post MP3 audio clips to their blogs from any phone, anytime,
anywhere.  The current introductory subscription rate is
$3.00/month for 12, two-minute posts. 

Noah Glass, Founder/CEO Audblog, says the audio
application utility will also be available for LiveJournal
and Radio UserLand in March.

A couple of years ago, NDR began using the Kodak DC290
digital camera for the purpose of uploading images and 2 minute audio
clips (.wav) directly from tradeshow floors. Unfortunately, the cell
phone-DC290 interface connection drained batteries in both devices,
during 7-15 minutes upload sessions, rendering the application useless
for reporting news events.  

The audblog™ tool is really simple and straight
forward. Make a phone call, give your commentary, hang up, the report is
automatically published through the audblog service for an international
audience to hear. (more)

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